Bazaar Info

Welcome to our Asbury UMW’s Virtual Bazaar! We’re glad you found us! We will be running our Virtual Bazaar from dates in September through December. Please see below that lists the dates that areas are open and dates for pick-up of items.

Special Mission Drive

October 24 – Drive for Used Clothing for Liberia and Winter Coat Drive for Local Residents (Drop-off time is from 10am to 2pm)

Sale Dates

September 18 to September 27 – Beans and Bean Soup is on sale

September 28 to October 2 – Fall Crafts on sale (continues to October 11)

October 3 to October 11 – continuation of Fall Crafts, Jams/Jellies/Preserved Foods, Baked Goods (1st Order), and Pecans on sale

October 12 to October 18 – BBQ Dinner on sale

October 30 to November 6 (until 8pm) – Silent Auction is open, Christmas Craft on sale (continues to November 15)

November 8 to November 15 – continuation of Christmas Crafts, Baked Goods (2nd Order), Cheese Balls (1st Order)

November 28 to December 6 – Cookie Place and Cheese Balls (2nd Order) on sale

Pick-Up Dates

October 17 – Beans and Bean Soup, Jams/Jellies/Preserved Foods, Baked Goods (1st Order), Fall Crafts

October 24 – BBQ Dinner Pick-up (in conjunction with Used Clothing and WInter Coat Drive)

November 7 – Silent Auction Winners and Pecans

November 21 – Baked Goods, Christmas Crafts, Cheese Balls (1st Order) 10am-1pm

December 12 – Cookie Place and Cheese Balls (2nd Order) – Times TBA